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SME leaders visited CE Dongli, speaking highly of the Mobile marketing model

SME leaders visited CE Dongli, speaking highly of the Mobile marketing model

(Summary description)On June 27, the “cloud computing services for SMEs” event organized by the SME Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information was held in Beijing. Nearly 300 leaders from SMEs nationwide visited

SME leaders visited CE Dongli, speaking highly of the Mobile marketing model

(Summary description)On June 27, the “cloud computing services for SMEs” event organized by the SME Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information was held in Beijing. Nearly 300 leaders from SMEs nationwide visited

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On June 27, the “cloud computing services for SMEs” event organized by the SME Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information was held in Beijing. Nearly 300 leaders from SMEs nationwide visited CE Dongli Technology. Staff of CE Dongli described in detail the mobile marketing mode designed for SMEs, which won the praise of participating leaders.

SME leaders visited CE Dongli

Yesterday the haze in Beijing was swept away, the sun revealing its smile. Nearly 300 leaders of SMEs from across the country and their parties went to visit the Digital Manor, the headquarters of CE Dongli at the Yizhuang Economic Development Zone in Beijing. General Manager of CE Dongli Technology, Mr. Zhang Bin, and deputy marketing manager, Ms. Shi Wenqing, together with deputy general manager of the Communications Division, Mr. Hu Guangbin, and deputy general manager of the E-commerce Division, Mr. Yao Jun, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, staff of CE Dongli described in details the general conditions of Dongli, their products, services, and technology strength. Leaders at the meeting listened carefully and made notes from time to time; they also exchanged ideas with executives of CE Dongli at the meeting. The meeting went on in a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. Leaders at the meeting highly affirmed the strength of CE Dongli and their contributions to SMEs over the years. Director Lou from the Investment Invitation Bureau of the Rare Earth High-tech Zone from Baotou, Inner Mongoli, said that CE Dongli had solid strength and advanced technologies. He hoped CE Dongli would open a branch in the local area, to help local enterprises to enhance information technology standards. Leaders from Xinjiang, Gansu, Liaoning, Jilin, Hunan and other places also expressed the same expectation.

Mobile marketing model widely acclaimed

In recent years, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, mobile clients and other new things have rapidly penetrated all aspects of people’s life. As the tide of mobile marketing is approaching, how to help SMEs to enhance the level of mobile Internet applications and catch the trend of the mobile Internet is the persistent pursuit of CE Dongli. The mobile marketing website ZtouchS researched and developed by CE Dongli through huge investment is the very mobile marketing solution specialized designed for SMEs.

The product is based on the overall solution of cloud platform, which can provide SMEs with official corporate websites integrating PC websites, mobile websites and mobile clients. It is specifically tailored for SMEs, serving to minimize the cost of business inputs on the basis of providing high quality and ensuring the service of technical operations. According to CE Dongli’s product marketing manager Zhang Peipei, the product is fully compatible with all kinds of smart phones and suitable for the habits of the mobile Internet applications. The exquisite HD images can effectively catch eyes. The visual operation of the background administration makes it easy to use. At the same time, the patent technology of CE Dongli the “static state of dynamic pages” can enhance the website's natural ranking to the greatest extent, thus enhancing the promotion effectiveness.

Leaders at the meeting showed a keen interest at the product, and enthusiastically scanned the QR code with their mobile phones to try it, and personal experienced the “one key to call” and other features. They expressed that the product was easy to use, and had attractive interfaces; they believed that it could effectively help SMEs to catch the tide of the mobile Internet.

Promote the informatization of SMEs hand in hand

SMEs are an important part of the national economy; however, due to the limit of their own strengths, their wishes in the areas of the mobile Internet and other emerging information technology applications are beyond their grasp. At the meeting, executives of CE Dongli expressed that willingness to work together with small and medium enterprises across the country, to promote the development of SME and help them to achieve the China dream and the dream of informationization.

In fact, as early as the end of last year, the CPC 18th Conference has listed information technology as one of China's “new four modernizations”. Whether we can actively use IT tools to improve operational levels has become one of the marks for measuring the core competitiveness of modern enterprises, and the applications of the mobile Internet is the inevitable direction of the informationization of enterprises.

The “2012 China's smart phone market research report” released by a market research firm shows that as of the fourth quarter of last year, the total number of China's smart phone users has reached 380 million people, an increase of 72.7% over the same period last year. As can be seen from the report, the development speed of China's mobile Internet is amazing. Liu Min commented that the whole society has become a “looking-down group” (looking at mobile phones).

In addition, in the just-concluded “Two Conferences”, the 4G licenses are the integration of the broadcasting and TV sector was also a hot topic. Experts predict that with the popularization of 4G technologies, in the next few years, China’s mobile Internet will maintain rapid development, while the integration of the SARFT is also a favorable condition for promoting the integration of the three networks, which promotes the development of China's mobile Internet from another aspect.

This means that even if companies are more inclined to take a cautious approach, giving priority to existing customers to “maintain stability”, the mobile Internet is still a trend that cannot be ignored. Smartphones with stronger and stronger performances and features will allow the mobile Internet to dominate the fragmented time of future consumers, while squeezing the online time of the traditional Internet. Therefore, it can be said that to seize the mobile Internet is to secure half of the enterprise’s future.

However, a realistic problem facing for the majority of SMEs is that everything regardless of capital, technology, or time is extremely valuable scarce resource; then, how can we “open up a space for business on the mobile phones of 1 billion users”? The best solution, of course, is to promote the company's products to consumers through a platform; at the same time, if we can create a dedicated mobile site, it would be perfect, because, after all, product information can be fully demonstrated only on the platform of our own mobile portal; moreover, taking a long view, companies must have an independent mobile portal, which is concerned about the brand image.

According to this standard, CE Dongli solutions are precisely a good choice. The z-mobile launched by CE Dongli can provide a dedicated mobile client, which is simple to deploy and has a wide range of applications; it can also offer a range of highly customized products and rich product display features, to meet different needs, and enable SMEs to easily achieve direct contact with mobile phone customers.

The mobile APP website construction products provided by CE Dongli for SMEs can be combined with conventional website platforms, supporting multiple mobile operating systems and mobile browsers, thus providing SMEs with a one-stop solution for the deployment of mobile websites. It is worth mentioning that the product also provides the automatic SEO optimization function, which can dramatically improve the visibility of a company's website, thus allowing them to have a good lead over competitors.

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